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Self-Driving Buses Could Really Reinvent Transportation Systems – CleanTechnica

Congested cities, troubling unemployment due to the absence of transit, and environmental issues from automobile pollution all point towards the need for much greater development of mass transportation. Source: Would you hop on a driver-less bus? The concept makes … Continue reading

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Car Dealership’s GPS Tracking System Saves Philadelphia Kidnap Victim – GPS World magazine

Car Dealership’s GPS Tracking System Saves Philadelphia Kidnap Victim GPS World magazine A GPS tracking device helped Philadelphia police rescue a woman who was kidnapped Sunday evening and to apprehend the suspect who abducted her. Source: There are many … Continue reading

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New York City lowers its speed limit to save lives, and a lot of impatient people freak out

The city copes at 25 miles per hour. Source: This is an interesting story and I would love an opinion from you New Yorkers who are following my blogs. From what I saw of a lot of NYC the … Continue reading

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Turn Your @Foursquare Check-Ins into a #History Lesson with @hoffrocket’s @Fourstalgia [review]

One of my favorite new apps that use the Foursquare API is Fourstalgia. It’s a very cool hack project built by Jon Hoffman @hoffrocket, an engineer at Source: I love this concept, but like many applications, it appears to … Continue reading

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Have we forgotten the primary purpose of cars?

Is there a lesson here for public transport providers? Maybe they should be making buses and trains as much fun as driving? Continue reading

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Skip check-in; latest hotel room key is your phone

Hotels don’t want guests to have to linger at the front desk — or even stop by at all. Source: This is really interesting and I’m no Luddite, but I’d love to know that there is real security attached … Continue reading

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Real time maps could predict and prevent the spread of malaria

Epidemiologists at the University of California are developing a tool that uses rainfall and other factors to forecast outbreaks, writes Katherine Purvis Source: This is excellent. It would be great if it were possible to combine this with information … Continue reading

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