Internet of Things will change everything – Mobile Industry Review

The Internet of Things will have a profound impact on the way we communicate and live our everyday lives. But just what is it and what can it do for us?


The Internet of Things or IoT has been around for a while. If you control anything from your mobile for example, you are already using it. It might be remote controlling your TV, using a Fitbit, connecting to a GoPro. These are everyday things today and we don’t think of them as IoT, we just use them.

One of the things that I liked in the story was intelligent furniture. I get frustrated when I watch Science Fiction TV shows that are supposed to be in the future and they are still using the equivalent of today’s iPhones. In 20 years time that type of communication will seem as outdated as the bricks we used to use.

What do you have in your home today that’s connected? Garage door? Printer? Notebooks, Mobiles, Tablets, TV, alarm clocks, fitbit, Go Pro? I’ll bet you have a few even though you don’t think of them as IoT. I’m about to buy Bluetooth shower speakers for $20. You wouldn’t even think of that as being anything sophisticated any more right?

Think about basic entertainment. I put my iPhone into my home theatre and control Spotify from my iPad. Not only do I get the music I want, the latest tracks on The Billboard Top 100 but my phone is also charging at the same time.

Buying any Bluetooth or WiFi devices for Christmas? If the answer is yes, then you are buying into the IoT. The cool thing today is that we are just doing it, its not about the acronyms or jargon, its just how we live today.

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