Man runs miles to spell out marriage proposal with smartphone GPS tracker –


A runner has proposed to his girlfriend of two years by running miles to spell out the big question on his phone’s GPS


There’s a trend happening here of people using GPS to map out words, and particularly marriage proposals. There was recently on a story where a man went all over Japan for a year using GPS to track words on a map.

This is very cool and potentially a great way to get people exercising. I have been trying for years now to get Map My Run to consider a feature whereby you can see everywhere you have been on a map, without success. My concept is I want to see where I have been before and the goal is to cover all roads, i.e. go places I haven’t been before. They said about 4 years ago that they would add it to the design mix, but maybe I’m the only person that has been asking for it. Maybe soon I’ll be able to do that on Google Maps and won’t need Map My Run any more. My phone seems to have a pretty good idea of where I am and where I’m going.

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This would be another way that people could create GPS art, like this, but you can see my point which is the weakness on many of these apps, not just Map My Run. This guy has had to do one word per route and bring up four separate screens to share his message.

It’s cool, but it feels very much like a Palm Pilot when it should be a Galaxy 5 or iPhone 6. Don’t get me wrong I loved my Palm devices so much I kept them. I have to laugh about the new phone with a stylus, representing it as a modern innovation, but I digress.

So am I alone, would you like a feature on a fitness app like Map My Run which would allow you to see where you have been before and create a new route on roads or tracks you haven’t been on? I would find it very motivational.

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