App Shopper: Tel Aviv Travel Guide – Augmented Reality with Street and Transport Map 100% Offline – Tourist Advisor for your trip to the city (Travel)

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If you know me, you know I’m into AR and I’m always looking for ways to use it in mobile apps. I haven’t tried this app yet and probably won’t because while I would love to, I’m not likely to be heading to Tel Aviv any time soon. Before you stop and say I’m not going there either, the company that made this app has similar apps for many parts of the world. I’m heading for Amsterdam amongst other places next year and at the bottom of the link, you will find it on the top of the list of other places they have applied this technology.

However I love this app and the thoughtfulness that has gone into it. I’ve played around with Augmented Reality apps for a few years now, ever since I first tried out a Google One phone. Point your mobile in any direction and you will be able to see what businesses, retailers, tourist attractions are in that direction.

As well as tourist itineraries, information about public transport and much more it also includes offline maps, so if you arrive somewhere, like I did in New Orleans a couple of years ago and don’t have a Sim Card for that phone yet, you already have some maps that you can download at home or somewhere that you can get WiFi so you are not already isolated.

Of course your mobile comes with map apps. They are great for finding your way from A to B, but if you are a tourist and want to see the highlights of a city, then a dedicated app that can help you highlight the things you want to do and see and find your way around is what you need.

It’s just a shame that large states and provinces still seem to be focused on guide books. Loads of wonderful tourist attractions are missing out because their region doesn’t have an app. Why can cities do it when regions can’t? Because its easy to sell advertising and they target different markets.

Anyway, enough of the soap box. When I head to Europe, I will be trying out one of these apps and reviewing it on my blog. Why not try one too? At the very least you will have fun with the AR which makes it all so much more intuitive for directionally challenged people who struggle to turn a map the right way. You know who you are:)

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