The GPS Made Him Do It. Again?

The driver of the Toyota Prius had mistakenly made a turn onto the tracks on the direction of his GPS unit.


Here we go again, the GPS made me do it. #TheGPSMadeMeDoIt So it was raining and the intersection crossing the railway track is sort of an S and a bit complicated. Isn’t that even more reason to be focusing on what you see on the windscreen rather than on the road outside.

Folks before you go on holiday, or drive on roads you are not familiar with, read the start up screen on your nav system. It will tell you something along the lines of it is a guide, but focus on what you see on the road. If you are new to GPS or the particular brand or model of GPS Nav you are using, get familiar with how it works. It will usually say something like turn left in 100 yards. If there are multiple streets it will highlight the one it means.

Make sure your maps are up to date, many manufacturers update monthly or quarterly. Some of the latest TomTom units update daily if you want to take advantage of that.

Quality varies depending on the brand of the nav unit and the source of their map data. Ask around and read reviews to see who has the best data for the area you want to go to. One very important thing is the difference between car navigation and simply map apps that provide directions. If you want a systems that tells you the local speed zones, one way streets and other important features, I recommend that you have either a branded app or nav device, don’t rely on your mobile phone’s map app, which is fine for walking and possibly catching public transport. It’s about the right tool for the job.

The bottom line is that when you are tired or stressed out, for example when weather conditions are bad, don’t rely on the nav, use it as a guide and rely on what you see through your windscreen. If it looks like a water reservoir or a lake, or the sea (I’m serious, people have blamed their satnavs for all of these) or a river, or a railway track, it probably is. If the sign says it is a one-way street do not enter and the nav says go straight through, do what the sign says, it could be a mistake in the GPS map, but it could also be a detour because of road maintenance or an accident.

Use your common sense.

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