Trash haulers in Ulster County could be subject to GPS tracking by Resource … – The Daily Freeman

TOWN OF ULSTER >> The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency is considering the purchase of software needed to track trash haulers who are in apparent violation of the county’s flow-control law.


Get used to it. Tracking commercial vehicles is going to be more prevalent and whether they are going to the right places at the right time is part of the deal.

I was involved in a large national field service company. They wanted to rationalize that the amount of time the staff were contracted on site to perform a service was the same amount of time as agreed by the sales person and the client. One of their divisions was cleaning bathrooms and pest control. In some cases they found that work was taking longer and the following year they would increase the price, in other cases they were over charging and were able to go to the client and offer them the same service at a reduced price, which won them a loyal following. In fact they could have used it as a marketing ploy to show off their integrity.

Any whilst we’re talking about GPS tracked vehicles, this company actually had a high sense of ethics and were very clear that they did not want to be big brother, they just wanted to be best of breed in their industry segment, They went further than this and used technology to include route optimization, working out which vehicles in which order, to reduce travel times and distance and provided car navigation to their vehicles so staff (often new migrants) wouldn’t get lost.

They lost a very small number of people, whose lifestyle included spending a lot of time using their company vehicle for non company activities both during the working day and after hours. These were also the people who reported that their GPS systems weren’t working, got sent direct to auto–electricians (not knowing that the systems had tamper alarms) and it transpired that the GPS antennas were encased in tin foil (effectively blocking the tracking signal). They typically changed their habits or resigned because they didn’t want to lose their lifestyle, or have to work as hard as their colleagues.

The end result of this system was such that productivity and profit increased, most staff were much happier and their customers were provided with a dramatically improved quality service.

Staff who did a good job found promotion career opportunities and the company did so well that they ended up taking over several of their competitors who did not adopt the new technology. There are many significant benefits of GPS Fleet Management and when its about fairness for staff and customers as in this example, it is a win win.

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