Anger over apps which allow users to spy on partners’ mobiles and computers – Daily Mail

ItSpyware software, bought online for as little as £30 and installed in just five minutes can turn an ordinary smartphone into a powerful surveillance platform allowing abusers to monitor their partner in real-time.


It’s not surprising that these apps are turning up, but what is surprising is that if it is illegal to sell them, how is it that they can advertise and promote their products through some of the biggest media and online publishers.

The video implies that you can’t find out if your phone has been bugged with this or one of the similar apps, it sounds like whilst it isn’t easy, it is possible and there are a number of websites like that show what to do of you think someone might be monitoring your mobile.

Apparently in many countries it is not illegal to sell these products, with the disclaimer that using them might be. As far as use is concerned, in most countries it is only legal to use the software if the person being monitored is aware and approves it. For example this would be a great solution for field service people, for example people in health or security who care for or visit people in their homes, for example a case worker or a mental health nurse. It would be a good option for people who have children who suffer from conditions where they may become disoriented, conditions such as diabetes for example. This article provides more information that may be helpful

Spy software, bugs and similar solutions have been around for years, but being able to access the ubiquitous device that everyone carries around on them is a big worry, especially when it comes to stalkers, spousal abuse and employer invasions of privacy.

Many years ago I helped establish a field sales automation solution. The client wanted it hooked up to a fleet management system, specifically because he didn’t trust his staff to be where they should be, i.e. he wanted to spy on them. In that scenario it wasn’t illegal because his staff understood that the Fleet Management system was GPS tracking. He explained that the reason he wanted the system was to be able to identify the nearest sales person in the field when they got new customer inquiries.

It is illegal to track your staff, f they don’t know you are doing it.

In actual fact people tracking other people happens all the time. People check into locations with Facebook and other social media applications, they post photos and share all sorts of location based information. I’ve seen lots of examples where people think they are sharing information privately, but the people they are sharing with may not be using privacy settings.

If you want to enjoy today’s social media applications, then you are pretty much giving up on privacy and that’s fine. Just understand that the point of social media is social. The point is that you choose to share that information, you understand that other people, strangers, will be able to access it without you knowing.

In the case of software that is installed on your mobile, tablet or computer without your knowledge, that is insidious in my opinion and needs to be stomped on. The problem is being able to prove it and prove who did it. It is unlikely that most Police organizations would know how to detect it or have the resources to deal with it, therefore they have to attack the source.

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