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Don’t Text and Drive—Especially If You’re Old

In 2012 an estimated 421,000 people suffered injuries due to crashes involving a distracted driver. Continue reading

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Google launches location based game to update Streetview in near real time from smartphones

See inside Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and other holiday window displays with Google Maps. Source: The original headline in the NY Daily News before I plagiarized it read: New York City’s famous holiday window displays at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Saks now … Continue reading

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Traffic jam on toast … it’s the Christmas clog in Sydney – The Daily Telegraph

Do you look for travel information before you go, or do you just go sit in the holiday parking lot and complain that someone should do something about it? Continue reading

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Putting the User in the Driver’s Seat of the Connected Car – Wired

The auto industry is racing to deliver on a grand vision for developing the “Connected Car” in which location technologies are integrated with relevant content to deliver a uniquely personalized online driving experience designed for those behind… Source: This … Continue reading

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Man runs miles to spell out marriage proposal with smartphone GPS tracker –

So am I alone, would you like a feature on a fitness app like Map My Run which would allow you to see where you have been before and create a new route on roads or tracks you haven’t been on? Continue reading

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Maps: The countries that have been hardest hit by extreme weather – Washington Post (blog)

So tell me a month in recent years that hasn’t produced a record of some climate related kind. Continue reading

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Internet of Things will change everything – Mobile Industry Review

The Internet of Things will have a profound impact on the way we communicate and live our everyday lives. But just what is it and what can it do for us? Source: The Internet of Things or IoT has … Continue reading

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‘Google Maps’ for drug dealers launches online – showing nearest cannabis sellers –

It would seem that on one side it is a shopping list for people who want to buy drugs, on the other side it is a shopping list for people who want to bust them. Continue reading

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Snoop Dogg: the GPS industry’s secret weapon against Google

You know what TomTom has that Google Maps Navigation doesn’t? Snoop. D. O. Double G. Voice Skins, the same company that brought Homer Simpson to the world Source: I have to say that the novelty wears off after a … Continue reading

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5 Mobile apps mesh public safety and civic engagement – Need CPR skills or to report a crime?

Mobile apps mesh public safety and civic engagement Source: 5 really interesting apps described here give a great example of location based apps that are low cost and can save lives. Need someone with CPR skills while you’re waiting … Continue reading

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