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The 10 (+many more) Best Travel Apps To Plan Your Winter Vacation

Read my blog to find out how to research accommodation on TripAdvisor but how to consistently get better deals buy going direct. Continue reading

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Bucks County Residents Injured In Bus Crash File Lawsuit Against GPS … – CBS Local

They claim GPS companies have a duty to warn of height restrictions. Source: This is really interesting. I wonder if this is a personal navigation device they are complaining about or a Fleet Management system. From my experience car … Continue reading

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Pull the Other One! EDITORIAL: Police use of GPS tracking devices raises privacy concerns – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun

Would you hop in a Japanese driverless car that had an average awareness of it’s location of a few hundred meters? Continue reading

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A Technology Sucess Story. GPS-based snowplow tracking apps hold cities accountable, turn residents into watchdogs

To me this is a success story, bringing citizens and Government closer together to get things done. Continue reading

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Merge Like a Zip – How To Get People to Let You In

we are not as different as we like to think we are. Continue reading

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China’s indigenous GPS to serve a wider market – CCTV

Beidou is China’s independently developed global navigation satellite system. Its name means the Big Dipper. And the system is ready for more applications on the civilian markets, especially for automobiles. Source: We have been waiting for someone to make … Continue reading

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Police urge Google to turn off ‘stalking’ feature on mobile app for drivers – The Guardian

If Waze was to disable this feature in New Zealand, they may as well turn the light off on the way out. Continue reading

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