Criminal gangs could hack connected vehicles on the road: report – domain-B

Criminal gangs could hack connected vehicles on the road: report


Years ago my car was used as a pilot for the launch of a new security system and I saw videos of crooks waiting for someone to park their car, while they recorded the signal from the owner’s remote control as they locked their Ferrari or other expensive motor. I did love my CodeAlarm which let me start my empty car up when people sat on its bonnet at the mall. It never failed to amuse me as people looked inside to an empty car. Not a biggie for people who lived in Canada or other places where you had to warm your car up before you got into it, but most unusual in New Zealand.

Today with more sophisticated electronics to lock cars, I heard that the new concept for car-jacking is to try to get people to stop their car, for example by putting a baby pram in to middle of a suburban road, waiting for a concerned motorist to stop the car and run to a non-existent (hopefully) babies assistance. That way they have the actual keys and the car is already running.

The next step in cars is that they have computers that talk to other cars on the network in order to improve safety. If a smart car has to slam on the anchors for that baby carrier on the road in front of you, its computers will tell your car’s computers, faster than you can say “Oh shit” and your car will attempt to come to a safe stop.

This means that it has open communications and according to this story universities have already tested these systems, including remotely engaging the brakes (if you want to get the car) or the accelerator if you want to crash the car. I’m sure we’ll see this in the movies in 2015, but I’m more worried about seeing it in the newspapers and on TV in the next few years.

The good news is that they are doing these tests now and hopefully the systems will be encrypted in some ways to make this more difficult to do. On the other hand, a lot of lives could be saved if Police were able to govern brakes (i.e. slow cars to a safer stop) during pursuits.

Someone was asking me a few days ago if development in computing and mobile technologies are going to decline “I mean, what more could they do”. The answer, particularly due to the Internet of Things IOT, is the opposite. We are going to see rapid change and growth in technologies that you must have at a pace that will boggle your mind. You just won’t think of them as technology, it will simply be the home alarm that lets you see your visitors have arrived at your home before you, the security camera will show you their faces and a button on your phone will disarm the alarm, unlock the door, turn on the lights and let them get comfortable.

If you think 2014 was cool from a technology perspective, this year is going to be even more exciting and the pace will at least double every year imho.

Oh and a note for those useless TV science fiction series prop developers. We won’t be using slightly longer mobile phones in 20 years time. They won’t look like phones at all. Another topic on New Years Eve was how we are going to communicate. Your iPhone 6S ot Galaxy will look as antiquated as the brick and the iPAQ Windows Mobile I can’t bear to get rid of. But as I tell my wife, it will be worth something as a collectors item.

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