CES 2015: ‘DroneMobile’ App Allows GPS Vehicle Tracking, Remote Start, and … – Mac Rumors

Automotive convenience system marketer and manufacturer Firstech is showing off its comprehensive vehicle app service DroneMobile at CES 2015. While…

Source: www.macrumors.com

A couple of critics of this solution, but personally I like it. I used to have remote start and it is great when is is either hot like it is in New Zealand right now (I have a black car) or cold like it is in the USA at present.

This is fundamentally entry level Fleet Management catching up to smartphones. Security and find my car are little bonuses. If you share your car with your children or friends, this is a great way of being able to keep an eye on them, where they are and how they are driving, are they speeding? Is there going to be a surprise letter in the mail?

I’m assuming the price includes installation and I’m not sure how that works given that it says it will go into 100% of cars. I suspect some of these will require more work in the installation than others.

It’s all very well to say that you will wait until you buy a new car that has these features built in, I’d love to be doing that, but its not in my budget and if I had the money to buy a new car, I might just as likely end up buying an older car, my dream car is a Corvette and unless I win the lottery, I would be buying an older model.

The thing with a car like that is that you can’t simply replace it under insurance, it’s THAT car that you want to keep. Products like this will be very easy to sell imho.

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