CES 2015: Connected car tech to watch – ZDNet

[UPDATED] Smart, connected cars are a major trend of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. What products and players are noteworthy for their contributions?

Source: www.zdnet.com

I have to say I envy the journalists who get to go to CES. I used to get to Comdex and check out new business technologies, which was really exciting, but my colleagues who went to CES probably had more fun playing with the new consumer electronics.

So what’s new in the area of the connected car. Have a travel through these 12 concepts. The main thing is that the geeks amongst us have been trialling all sorts of new technologies and tomorrows car, courtesy of the Internet of Things IoT, advances in location based services LBS and Infotainment, brings them all together through the capabilities of in-car communications and external telecommunications.

Whilst many (including myself) have concerns about distracted driving, car manufacturers are working on that too and CES introduces the Pilot, much like the concept of autopilot on an aircraft. Driving on the freeway or country roads, you might use the self driving car, but when you get into a built up area, the driver is alerted and control is given back for more complex urban driving.

So ultimately (and hopefully holding back the reigns on proprietary technologies (like the VW Golf that came out with an iPhone 4 adapter) we get car navigation, hazard detection, self parking, finding a park, finding where you parked when you want to get back to your car, remote start (for climate control and just for fun), bonding you car to your phone (including the option of selecting the mobile OS), mCommerce (should that now be dubbed motor commerce), cameras recording behind you and in front of you for safety and to remember your trip and so much more.

This is a natural progression which leads to a car that you not only get into to enjoy driving (sorry Public Transport, you need to learn from this because man’s love affair with the car will not be going away any time soon due to these enhancements), but your car knows who you are, what your needs are and of course how to get to where you want to go.

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