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Ever wonder where the next startup boom might happen around the globe? A close look at StartupBlink might be of help. The site features a world map of startups, accelerator programs, coworking spaces and more.


StartupblinkThis is awesome, not just because it is on a map:) There are so many start-ups around the world an knowing just how many there are in New Zealand, StartupBlink has a way to go in order to capture a larger group of them, but this will happen as people get their heads around the value of his site.

There are loads of start-ups in particular niches who could be collaborating with each other, where they are covering similar ground, for example those working on transport solutions like carpooling, tourism solutions, augmented reality, mobile apps.

One of the things I like about this service is that it recognizes that there are many elements to a start up and many people they need on-board or to be associated with. It might be they need a maven, a marketing/sales guru, funding, they may need established businesses that have the problems that the start-up is trying to solve to be their first clients, or perhaps to join their advisory boards.

So as a broad-brush look, what do I like about this site (which I will explore in much more detail to see if there are associations I want to develop)?

1. It is on s map and you can find businesses based on proximity. Are  you looking for a business, skills or people near somewhere you are going, people you want to meet. A map i much easier to use than a table.

2. You can search by category, such as start-ups, influencers, freelancers, jobs.

3. You can look by industry segment or focus, for example 3D Printing, Alternative Medicine, Big Data, Health Care Information Technology, Travel & Tourism as well as many more niche categories.

4. Blinks. I’m still getting my head around this, but it seems that blinks can be announcements, but can also be comments. You can vote, comment or share information including via social media.

When I have time, I’m going to explore this concept further. I may well find start-ups working and developing leading edge solutions in areas where I can use help, or it may be that I just get excited about some of the solutions and blog about them, to help others find them.

Last note, from my first look around. I don’t know what their business model is, but it is free to register, so if you are a budding entrepreneur, in a start-up and looking for people or opportunities, why don’t you have a look as well and lets see what comes out of a deeper look at

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