Daimler’s concept car turns into mobile living room – Financial Express

Germany’s Daimler wants to reset consumers’ expectations about self-driving cars with its futuristic Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept…

Source: www.financialexpress.com

One day I want you to remember my blog, because you read it here before a car brand did the marketing using my words. “Better than your lounge”.

This is an example of the sort of ideas that came from 1960’s and ’70’s science fiction books. You descend into your conversation pit (the cabin in your car), have a few drinks, listen to some amazing quality digital surround music, enjoy each others’ company and then open the door and arrive at the theater.

After the show, you recline back into your lounge, have another drink and discuss the show, while the video display revisits the experience you are talking about.”Did you see the part where he did that thing?”

moonIt’s a balmy night, so you hop out of the car and stroll along a beach which is on the way home, for a breath of fresh air. When you return  to the car, it has prerecorded the relaxing ambient sounds of the beach you just left, accompanying you from outside. You see the same stars through the tinted transparent roof and get a glimpse of an almost full moon peeping through the trees before the car parks itself inside your home, while you finish a coffee that you would swear was brewed by a skilled barrista.

Whilst it seems like teleportation without your body being disassembled into it’s atomic elements and reassembled at each location, it is simply the car of the future which drives and parks itself safely and has the latest in entertainment technology to keep you enthralled while it navigates you smoothly to each destination in luxury and comfort.

It is just like something out of a science fiction movie, where instead of virtually reality, it brings you to each new reality with no fuss, safely, quietly and probably expensively, which will make it even more desirable to those who can afford it.

The coolest part of all is that this technology is being built in concept cars today and will be available to rent or own in the very near future. All I ask (not that I’m likely to ever own one) is that I can also enjoy driving the Daimler (because I enjoy being behind the wheel) when I want to.

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