Amsterdam traffic controllers offer commuters personalized route advice – CIO

Dutch traffic control will use a mobile app to control traffic flows and keep things moving on Amsterdam’s busy roads


I will watch this one with interest. It sounds very top heavy and I am interested in the level of automation it offers. I’m hoping it is multimodal because Amsterdam has excellent train, tram and bus services. It is interesting that it doesn’t provide navigation and assumes that you know your way around.

It’s also interesting that they offer people choices expecting that some people will select a slightly slower route to the benefit of others. Maybe the Dutch will do that, being the socially conscious people they are. I can’t see citizens near me doing that in numbers that would make an iota of difference.

One feature I do like is the ability for the motorist to send an audio message to report incidents, like live stock on the road, which transmits to the Traffic Operations Center together with the GPS coordinates. On the other hand this sounds like a very expensive solution, if not in development then in the people at the TOC, to deal with management of systems supporting and impacted by this. It sounds simple, but optimization of networks is a complex affair involving things like management of times on traffic signals and motorway ramps, managing implications of accidents, incidents and road maintenance. It would require a lot of modeling and management in the background and moat TOC’s are flat out in reactive mode already.

A solution like this would be highly complex, but I’d love to see it in operation. Maybe I can get a quick tour of the system next time I’m in Amsterdam.

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