Virtual traffic lights as in-car systems go with the real road flow

Researchers have been working on a system of virtual traffic lights positioned inside the car which could give time back to commuters.


I saw this system demonstrated on CNN last week. The HUD was nicely positioned on the windscreen and it effectively showed you the directions that were good in green and bad in red.

I liked the concept, but then I had a few concerns:

1. What will it cost to buy and how would you get a critical mass of people using it.

2. Who would pay for the installation and mobile data costs and how would that actually work? TomTom proved with their real time traffic solutions that people don’t want to have to renew accounts on extra SIM’s in proprietary devices.

3. The story made it clear that these are not navigation devices. This implies to me that while the devices may be able to tell you which way is busy, you still need to know how to get to your destination.
4. If the device is not a navigation device, but there are navigation devices with real time traffic information in them, why would you have both, and not use the car navigation device with real time traffic that gives you far more information such as travel time, being able to choose the type of route you want, e.g. fastest, shortest, eco.

5. Why would government not simply buy data from the navigation / tracking systems that had the most users sharing their locations, direction and speed?

There may be very good answer to this and I love new technologies that can help people have better, safer journeys. I just have a few basic questions.

One thing I really do want, is an aftermarket HUD for my car nav. Whether it ends up being a Navdy or something else I don’t mind, but something that is on the windscreen but doesn’t obscure it as much as a PND makes a lot of sense and would appear to be a lot safer.

Anyway, if anyone has answers to my questions about the Virtual Traffic Lights, I would be most interested.

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