RideOn AR ski goggles to take on Oakley and the gang – Wearable

RideOn is set to take on the likes of Recon and Oakley with a pair of augmented reality goggles designed for tech-loving ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

Source: www.wareable.com

I’m not sure if this would provide the features that I particularly want (yet) or would have wanted when I was a hard out skier, but it’s great to see these specialty products coming out as Google Glasses go into hibernation or somewhere else entirely.

As I skier the key things I didn’t see in the short video were, things like where is the track. I’ve been in some serious white out conditions on Whakapapa before where I had no idea whether I was even moving at times, or exactly where I was. In a white out things go quiet. You can’t see the ground, you can’t see other people and all the noise on a busy ski-field goes quiet.

So I want to know where the tracks are, what grades they are, especially now that I am no longer fit. I want to know how fast I’m going and it would be great to be able to track my friends. I’d like to know how long the queues are for the lifts and I’d love to video record my runs. I’m not into chatting with people on social media on the ski-field, that’s what apres ski is for, I want to experience each mogul and each turn, and but knowing where my friends on the piste are is great.

If ski-fields embrace this technology the way golf courses have embraced GPS, then the cool set will have products that do the things that this video shows and the serious skiers will also buy a product, but it will have serious features on it.

With the games though, it would be great to be able to grade skiers on the slopes based on their expertise. Don’t worry about this guy, he will race past you and knows exactly what he is doing, on the other hand this snowboarder is a novice and could be heading to the bottom on a banana boat and you don’t want to be on the one next to his!

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