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Cell phone GPS tracking isn’t illegal. In fact, you can see where everyone is just by knowing their number here >>


When I first saw this article, I thought “I’m not going to tell other people how to spy on each other!”  But it’s really not like that. Mobiles are worth a lot of money, so one of the first things, which I have blogged about before, is you must have a copy of Where’s my Phone or similar on your phone. Whether it is stolen or you left it in a taxi, at work, on the roof of your car, you can get it back.

Stealth Genie is interesting because if your phone was stolen, AND they managed to figure out your pin code or password, think perhaps your teenage children, you can hide your tracking app so that they can’t find you.

Finally, one of my children is an intrepid traveler.  She has just returned from her latest trip where she has been flooded out and left with nowhere to stay due to the typhoon that resulted in the Air Asia crash, she traveled to a variety of countries and cities from the Philippines to the jungles of Borneo.

In 75% of the places she went, there was mobile coverage. In some of these places, traveling alone, even in taxis or on buses, can be a matter of putting your life and safety into other people’s hands. In fact exactly what she did when a resort she was planning on staying in was  totally underwater only hours after she checked in. The vehicle that was supposed to take her to an assembly point broke down on the way and she had to shelter for a night on a concrete floor with strangers and then another night with a relative of the resort owner.

The story goes on, but the key is that we were concerned for her safety and just knowing where she was at times, would have eased our minds ad knowing she could have been located if something did happen would have been worth while.

So the concept of tracking phones becomes less sinister and something (with the permission of the person/people being tracked, which could even be me on overseas trips) that helps with personal safety and tracking your mobile if you leave it behind or it gets stolen, is a good thing.

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