Bucks County Residents Injured In Bus Crash File Lawsuit Against GPS … – CBS Local

They claim GPS companies have a duty to warn of height restrictions.

Source: philadelphia.cbslocal.com

This is really interesting. I wonder if this is a personal navigation device they are complaining about or a Fleet Management system. From my experience car navigation devices do not provide bridge or tunnel heights, widths or information about weight. It’s not something you would expect in a consumer product. #TheGPSMadeMeDoIt

If it is a Fleet Management system, then there is a feature list provided for the customer that says what is and isn’t provided by way of data layers.

As I have pointed out countless times in previous blogs, it is up to the drive to know their height and weight limitations and to look through their windscreen to make decisions. If the driver took the bus onto a height restricted road, there would certainly have been signage indicating that. It is totally the driver’s responsibility in my opinion to know the height and weight of the vehicle they are responsible for. Any technology device is there to provide appropriate information based on the purpose and stated functionality on the product or solution specification.

I have used literally dozens of car navigation devices. I have yet to see one that has bridge heights. In fact the only systems I know of where there is comprehensive data on heights and weights was custom developed by a transport fleet operator with 3,000 odd vehicles and they created it and maintained it themselves. I am sure they still make certain their drivers are totally aware of the dimensions and weight of their vehicles.

Even if the device and manufacturer did provide that information it would always come with a disclaimer because change happens every day on our roads and it is impossible to keep up with it on devices where maps are updated periodically and of course the fact that they are updated, doesn’t mean the driver has bothered to updated their own map.

I’m with TomTom and Garmin on this. If it was a driver-less bus, that would be interesting, but navigation systems are not auto-pilots.

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