The 10 (+many more) Best Travel Apps To Plan Your Winter Vacation

From booking a flight to packing for your getaway, these are the apps to use as your own personal travel agent.


Planning your trip is important to an FIT. If you want the freedom to take advantage of opportunities available to you, apps can make life so much easier.

Jamming in Tupelo

Jamming in Tupelo

A few thoughts on what looks to be an excellent list which I recommend you click through. As a frequent traveler, I have used a wide variety of apps and if you are planning a road trip, I share a lot of my learnings which you can find here: many of them learned the hard way.

If you are just going to a prepackaged vacation, you probably don’t need much at all, just a few tools would be fine and I would recommend a few from this list and a few from my list. A few key things:

  • A packing list app.
  • An app that notes where and when you took pictures, especially if you are taking them on your phone. I tried a diary app, but I’m not a diary person and I used Foursquare and Swarm a lot instead. Foursquare lets you search through your checkins and photos and see when and where you took them. It also helped my find locations that weren’t where my GPS said they would be!
  • If you use Twitter and Facebook, I’d also recommend Timehop which compiles 6 years of your history, I have much pleasure in getting a message which lets me see tweets and images I took on that date over the last 6-7 years.
  • Add a where’s my car app if like me you like to explore and its hard enough sometimes to remember that the car you are looking for is not the one you left at the airport back home.
  • A Kindle or free Kindle app that lets you not only buy books, but possibly take some out of your local library.
  • TripAdvisor. I learned a lot about hot to use this app well and also not to use it for actual bookings. Read my blog to find out how to research accommodation on TripAdvisor but how to consistently get better deals buy going direct.
  • If you are going on a journey, I strongly recommend read a few of the blogs on my link. They came from hard but valuable experience. Whether it is to get ideas on what to see and do, where to go and not to go, how to find places that aren’t where you thought they were an tapping into locals and enjoying some awesome hospitality, or avoiding bedbugs, noisy roads and air-conditioning and WiFi that only works in the part of the hotel you are not it, there are some great apps available today and most of them are free!

I’d love you to share your favorites from experience and stories.

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2 Responses to The 10 (+many more) Best Travel Apps To Plan Your Winter Vacation

  1. vswillie says:

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