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The religious states of America, in 22 maps – Washington Post (blog)

The question to me is whether that faith is going to adopt viva la difference, or will it be attack those who are different? Continue reading

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Continental ‘Cloud-To-Car’ Navigation Boosts Fuel Efficiency By 3 Percent – Green Car Reports

Carmakers are working to optimize virtually ever part of new models for fuel efficiency. Soon, that may even include the navigation system. Source: This is quite interesting. 3% improvement in fuel efficiency doesn’t sound very much until you consider … Continue reading

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18 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

Making your own map is so easy today. I made one in about a minute following the link on this story, showing how to walk from the Auckland CBD to the Cricket World Cup match at Eden Park between Australia and New Zealand, complete with cafes along the way. Continue reading

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Uber riders can now earn points at luxury hotels

In-between shenanigans, Uber actually offers a pretty nice car service, and users are about to get a perk besides free water: points from chi-chi hotelier Starwood. Source: A few years ago I wrote about a blog about a  book … Continue reading

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USA 2013 424,000 distracted driving injuries – Texting and driving is bad! (So why do we still do it?)

“At least we’re not as bad as the national average!” Continue reading

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15 Travel Apps To Log Your Globe-Trotting Trips

Don’t be one of those people who spend so much time taking photos and keeping notes that you have to go home to find out where you have been. Continue reading

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Google Maps vs. Nokia HERE: two great Android map apps compared – AndroidPIT US (blog)

Google Maps might be the king of Android map apps, but Nokia HERE maps has been gaining popularity. See how the two face off in our Android map apps comparison. Source: Well put together review. I haven’t tried Google … Continue reading

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Spies Can Track You Just by Watching Your Phone’s Power Use | WIRED

Technology does not recognise borders of sovereignty or of right or wrong. It just is. Continue reading

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Planners and drivers disagree on traffic control strategy – Washington Post

Planners want to manage lanes. But drivers say that’s not enough. Source: In the Travel strategy environment we live in a world of experts. They range from operational through to theoretical, all typically highly qualified. Then we have the … Continue reading

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Construction crew uses GPS to track down thieves –

So what do you have that could be protected by GPS tracking devices? Continue reading

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