7 Creative Ideas for all Countries: Traffic congestion costing country €274 million a year – MaltaToday

Total cost of accidents, congestion, climate change and pollution costs, and noise will increase to €317 million by 2020 unless anything changes

Source: www.maltatoday.com.mt

Traffic congestion costs us a huge amount of money and something needs to be done, especially in cities where growth is constant.

I’m not so sure staggering school start and end times would help much because frequently the parents transport considerations include taking their children to schools, so in my neck of the woods, the impact of a move like that could be far worse than just extending the peak.

Absolutely a lot of work needs to be done around Public Transport, and it is, but I think the very companies and corporations that are hurt by congestion should be looking to their responsibilities in relation to this problem.

For years we have talked about glide time or flexi time, where people are expected to be at work during certain hours or on certain days, but we don’t reward or encourage that behavior. Most people are ready to blame ‘the system’, their government and politicians, have loads of opinions which they express every election, but then take no responsibility in between.

How about some practical initiatives, I have a few ideas:

  1. What adding gamification into public transport, planes have quizzes, most buses I’ve been on lately have blank displays?
  2. What community services could people do from a bus? People could spot graffiti or rubbish on roads.
  3. How about games counting how many people there are in each car?
  4. What about WiFi on public transport and the ability to play games against random passengers like you can on planes, using your mobile phone?
  5. How about companies reward people who carpool with their colleagues? If 4 of you from the same office share a car, you get the best car park outside the front door of the office. That could easily be gamified too.
  6. How about setting up staff (who can) to be able to work from home on certain days of the week, or times of day? With Unified Comms it is very easy to communicate with staff and ensure that trust is earned. That can save the company as well by reducing office costs.
  7. What about setting up more satellite offices closer to where people live? Not everyone needs to work in a premium main-street office in the city. With today’s communications it is possible to video conference very cheaply.

Those are just a few ideas, but if you ask around your office, I’ll bet you could set some targets for your company about how you can help to reduce traffic congestion and save money at the same time.

Bonus 8: How about carbon trading (points or rewards) between companies or departments to create a competitive environment?

Want more ideas, go ask kid at your local schools? Remember when you were younger and full of ideas, but smart grown ups didn’t listen? Just recently a young schoolgirl suggested to her scientist parents that they try using antibiotics like Doxycyline to fight cancer and hey, for some people it seems to have worked.

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