How will people find you when you need to be found? GPS cell phone technology assists law enforcement in tracking suspects – KSN-TV

KSN News is taking a closer look at cell phone technology and how it has helped authorities track down suspects in recent criminal cases.


We see it on TV all the time. We learn about criminals using burners (only learned that through TV cop shows). We see people being traced by their mobiles all the time, but we also hear that in reality, when it comes to authorities doing it, they need warrants and technology support from telecommunications companies.

I have also recently blogged on how easy it is to track people by their smartphone. Such as 33 quick ways to track people. Not enough? Follow this thread GPS Tracking.

Then I started to wonder. If I drove my car down a bank, or something happened to me away from home, on a business trip, a holiday or something else. Would my family know how to find me? Some of them know I have Where’s my iPhone and Where’s my iPad, but they wouldn’t know how to use that. I have Waze, but they don’t use it. With laws around privacy and varying approaches on how long someone has to be missing before they are considered legally missing, some of the obviously easy things aren’t necessarily that easy.

So here’s my question. If you went missing tomorrow, but had your mobile on you, how easy would it be for your family or close associates to find you? Have you shared that information with them?

Are you going to? What apps do you have that you can share, that would let people find you when you need to be found? Does this have other implications?

I’d love your feedback on this. Many of us geeks assume everyone else knows what we know. I guarantee you they mostly don’t.

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