5 Mobile Parking Apps to Help Cities Ease Traffic Congestion

With traffic congestion and roadway space at a premium, these apps hope to ease burdens on cities by getting drivers off the streets and into parking lots.

Source: www.govtech.com

These are happening everywhere, with my favorite still being New Zealand’s Frogparking  who are making inroads into local, public and private car parks around the world with solar powered sensors, apps that allow the public to book car parks, be warned when they are due to expire and tell parking wardens which ones have cars that have overstayed their time. The analytics functions of the solution is very comprehensive.

I expect that with self parking cars and the Internet of Things, smart car park management solution companies will also develop solutions so that the car can navigate to the available car park and then self park. It’s only a small next step.

For cities that are serious about giving as many citizens and visitors the ability to park close to their destinations and turning over parks as quickly as possible to get the most out of them, just like table turn in a restaurant, these systems pay for themselves through efficiencies including massive reductions in staffing to monitor them.

People will save time by being able to find the park closest to their destination and cities that charge for parking will increase revenues and generate more income through efficiencies. Airports, shopping malls, concert and sport venues will be able to make better use of space and advise customers where the correct spaces are including disability, mothers and children and parks with different time zones are placed. Electric Vehicle car park spaces will also be easy to find and can help reward green driving.

You may have not seen this technology or the free mobile apps that support them, but they have been in development and pilot for several years now. You will get the chance to use them very soon.

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