Future Travel Apps Will Plan Your Road Trip Bathroom Breaks – The Consumerist

A three-hour drive is never a three-hour drive, thanks to traffic snarls, pit stops, and weather conditions. While current mapping apps are better able to predict how long it will take us to get so…

Source: consumerist.com

You might think this is a waste of time, but think again. First of all for those of us with no health conditions that impact on how much time our body can wait for a rest stop, you might think this unnecessary, but there are always unexpected situations. If you have kids on a road trip and I’m thinking young ones. not teenagers on spring break, they don’t always give you much notice.

Car nav apps do tell you where known public toilets are, but the point of this app is how long in the current traffic conditions will it take you to get there. Great idea!

There are in fact many people who have to use facilities more often than others. A few years ago I was involved in providing the mapping and Points of Interest data  behind the free mobile app and web site New Zealand Toilet Map http://www.toiletmap.co.nz/. This was sponsored by a drug company (who don’t seem to be associated any more) for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

GeoSmart, the company I managed sales and marketing for, went to a lot of trouble to find the locations of public conveniences nationally, which were in surprising locations at times. For example there were sporting clubs in remote towns that had toilets at sporting clubs that were available to the public 24:7, that would never have been located from main highway signage, if there was any.

Toilet needs are an inconvenient fact of life and knowing where they are can be a big help. This is the first I have seen of a solution that tells you how long it will take you to get to it based on traffic congestion. My TomTom Go Live navigation device will tell me travel time to any Point of Interest, including public toilets, but of course not everyone wants a car navigation application app or device.

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