10 Tips on how to get better accommodation deals than are offered in the travel apps +5 more

We all procrastinate, when it comes to travel. But with these five apps, you can still end up saving.

Source: www.outsideonline.com

Want to know how to have a great road trip. I have a series of blogs about a recent 4 state road trip using a variety of apps. Some of them can be found here https://luigicappel.wordpress.com/category/road-trip/

The best lessons I can give you, based on my experience in the industry including a Diploma in Hotel Motel Management from all of the blogs is:

1. Use the apps, with the lessons I outline in my blogs to find where you want to stay. Sometimes you may get a really good deal.

2. Read the reviews, read between the lines, some are written by competitors, some are written by people who are never satisfied. Look for the ones where the manager responds frequently and shows that they really care.

3. Find the one you want to stay at based on your criteria.

4. Check out the prices on 2 or 3 reservation engines. Some like TripAdvisor will link to multiple res engines so you can see if some have a better price than others. Usually they go through aggregators and the price difference will be less than $10.

5. Note that rack rate is meaningless. No one pays the rack rate, it is artificially inflated so that they can make discounts look good.

6. Ring the property (NOT their national reservations office) around 8PM and ask for the manager by name who responded to reviews. Complement them on the way they obviously care for their customers and tell them that’s why you are ringing. The reason you ring then is that all the guests have checked in, the staff have eaten and are possibly bored and not ready to start their night audit.

7. Start a conversation with the manager or the staff member, show them respect and use their name a lot. I would tell them I was from New Zealand and that the trip to their city or town was a big deal to me. Be genuinely interested in them and show that you understand a little about what they do.

8. Ask them if they can do a good deal for you for the type of room you are looking for, i.e. not too noisy, a nice view, the Internet works etc.

9. After you get the good deal, show your gratitude not only then, but when you arrive at the property and greet you, use their name, say nice things about them to other staff during your stay and in the survey.

10. Write a good review in the app, but don’t mention how you got a better price than was offered in the app.

11. Leave me a comment and let me know how it went, perhaps on one of my blogs. I love to hear from fellow travelers.

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