Construction crew uses GPS to track down thieves –

Two men were arrested Thursday afternoon at a convenience store off Edgewood Avenue North for allegedly stealing batteries from a construction zone.


Here we go again, have I ever told you I love these stories of thieves being caught by GPS. It won’t be long before you can protect pretty much anything with GPS. If you look through my blogs you will find loads of stories like this.

What is most frustrating in a story like this is the potential consequences. These lights are there to protect people’s safety. For the few dollars the perps would get from selling a few batteries, someone could crash and hit a road safety worker, or crash into whatever it is the lights are there to warn them about. Then of course someone will blame the ‘system’ for not maintaining the batteries. So cap off to the people who came up with the idea of putting GPS on them. The shame is these idiots will probably get a slap on the wrists for stealing batteries rather than reckless behavior that could risk other people’s health and safety.

So what do you have that could be protected by GPS tracking devices?

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