15 Travel Apps To Log Your Globe-Trotting Trips

“Wish you were here!” won’t work anymore. Now, you can share your journeys and trips with pictures, social updates, blogs and videos. Make new travel memories with your friends and family and revisit them in your travel blogs.

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I have traveled around the world a few times and have tried several travel apps. I won’t add any links here given that the writer has already offered you 15 apps which should be more than enough.

My grandparents left me extensive A3 travel diary books with postcards, sugar packages, matchbooks, menus and all sorts of cool things. I could never do that. I bought a couple of iPad diary apps and lasted about 48 hours in writing down entries which I have subsequently never looked back at.

What I did do was use Twitter and Foursquare (which has now split in two with Swarm, which I am still disappointed with. When I’m driving I use a TomTom PND and the rest of the time I use the maps on my iPhone.

I used Foursquare to check in to a lot of places where I could read reviews from other people who had been to those places and I took a photo at a lot of them. Because it was Foursquare, wherever I took photos it geotagged them and I was then able to map out my journey by generating a report from the app on my PC. This allowed me to work out where I had taken all the other photos on my iPhone.

Rather than use a diary I then took advantage of a really good local deal and had a large beautiful hardcover photo trip book printed. That has pride of place until my next trip this year when I will probably do the same.

A lot of apps look really cool and if you have the discipline as many of my friends do, then they are well worth it for quality laid out memories. When it comes to what’s around you, you are best off in my humble opinion to use apps like Foursquare and Google based on sheer numbers of users. Then of course there is social media like Twitter and Facebook. When I tried Twitter for a question on finding a good cafe, when I had 2 hours to spare in Amsterdam, I got a whole raft of replies from total strangers, starting with whether it was coffee I wanted (which it was) or something more exotic, which Amsterdam is notorious for. I’m sure if I had asked more questions I probably would have found someone interested in showing me around or sharing some local knowledge for an hour or so before I got my train.

This is a great article and if you are traveling and don’t have much experience with apps, its a good place to start. Just remember who you are and what you will be prepared to use. Don’t be one of those people who spend so much time taking photos and keeping notes that you have to go home to find out where you have been. As Baba Ram Dass said. “Be here now”.

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