USA 2013 424,000 distracted driving injuries – Texting and driving is bad! (So why do we still do it?)

We know the law, we recognize its value – and then we ignore it completely. (To invoke a fictional pirate, they’re “more what…


This goes in the truth is stranger than fiction basket. I’ve got some more bedside reading to do. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Survey.

According to a story in the Herald from Everett Washington, 59% of Washington drivers spoke on their phones while driving in the last 30 days. 20% admitted to doing it regularly, 27% reported sending an SMS or an Email while driving within the last 30 days.

Those surveyed pretty much unanimously agreed these behaviors are dangerous.

The footnote? “At least we’re not as bad as the national average!” So what does the average look like in the US?

The good news is that the US road toll is decreasing and only 32, 719 people died in road crashes in 2013 in the USA. That represents a major reduction over the last couple of decades which i great news.

BUT: The number of people injured in motor vehicles accidents where the cause was identified as driver distraction, you know things like texting and driving, is going up, with an estimated 424,000 people injured in 2013 due to distracted driving.

So here’s a message to the people of Everett Washington and everyone else who can’t wait to get that TXT message or email out before they stop the car and turn off the engine. Injuries in the US in 2013 due to distracted driving 424,000. Population of Everett Washington, 103,019.

I’m not picking on Everett, it just so happens that the story that motivated me to get on my soap box was written by one of your own. I’m not saying people are any better in my part of the world, in fact observation from the driver seat of my car suggests that we are doing it more too.

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