Where to go for a tinkle for $1-5. Save time and money with free travel apps – The Seattle Times

Use apps to find last-minute hotels, free Wi-Fi hot spots, good happy hours and more.

Source: www.seattletimes.com

Just when you think the topic of free travel apps has been done to death an article forces its way to your attention with a few apps you didn’t know about.

Ever been forced to change your plans and the deal you bought it on was no cancellations, no refunds? First of all, whenever I’ve had that situation, the property has been prepared to give me a credit or a some sort of a deal that means I don’t lose out entirely. If you make the phone calls and sincerely apologize with an explanation, most properties in the hospitality industry will do their best to help out. If you were a no show and didn’t tell them, thus making it impossible for them to reseller your room, well that’s a different story. So apparently the app Roomer allows you to resell that room to someone else.

WiFi Finder. I tend to be very weary of WiFi expect on my iOS devices, having had my account hacked by someone in China while I was in a hotel in Australia. But an app that tells you where to get free WiFi is great. Just make sure your device is well protected and if possible don’t do any banking, or financial transactions on those public places.

Happy Hour. I’m not so much into those any more, but they do happen all over the place as businesses look to up their patronage. Lets face it, with taxes and not being able to drink and drive, getting discounted drinks can go towards the taxi fare or simply get a good deal. I’m all for anything that encourages properties to offer good value for money. Just remember price isn’t everything.

My TSA. I like this. I travel a lot, some people don’t and there are still people who don’t understand that you can’t carry your family heirloom diamond studded nail file on-board the plane. You can’t carry large bottles of liquid in your check in luggage. I’ve seen people in tears over things they packed and can’t take on boars. It’s great to have an app that tells you what you can and can’t take.

Best Parking. In the world of travel information, we know that car park availability is very important and when motorists drive around in circles after finding that the park nearest to their destination is full, it causes stress and traffic congestion as they drive around in circles trying to find a park. So it is great to have an app to tell you where the best parks are, my TomTom does that too, but what I really want to know is where is the nearest to my destination, do they have parks available, what do they charge and what time do they close?

Last one out of this list, which is great but perhaps a little scary, Air PNP. That’s right, places where people will let you use their conveniences and have a tinkle. This raises the security hackles around my neck, but we have all been in situations where we had to go in a hurry right? I had a woman knock on my door one Christmas who was playing bagpipes in a Santa parade and desperately needed to go. It turned out she was also a police officer, which made me feel a bit better about having a total stranger use my bathroom, but I’m not sure about people who advertise, come and have a tinkle at my place for $2. How about you?

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