ESPLORIO An online social media travel diary – Geographical

Esplorio is an online travel diary that brings together Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare and several other social networks.


On my last road trip I made extensive use of Foursquare to track where I had been over a 4,000 mile journey across 4 states. It was incredibly useful because I had taken so many photos on my mobile and I didn’t have location working on my camera, it was all but impossible to identify which photos I had taken where.

I bought a couple of travel diary apps, but because I was an FIT and spent many evenings looking for accommodation, deciding on attractions to visit (most of the state tourism operators still do tourism guide books, not apps) ans negotiating on accommodation, writing a diary in one of the beautiful applications was just more than I could deal with.

The photos and check ins worked a treat, but then I still had to deal with working through them all. So I was very pleased to find Esplorio before I leave for my next trip, especially because it links multiple social media apps together.

I installed it this morning before work and it took me all of about 2 minutes to link half a dozen social media accounts and hey presto it showed me where I had been yesterday. Now the main thing I need to focus on is having fun and collecting my favorite shots as I did last time to print a photo book of my trip.

There is suggestion that in future it will also offer travel information around the locations you go to which is welcome because I am looking for new places to see and new things to do. Foursquare and Swarm are pretty good at that, but I don’t want to miss out on anything.

If you want a travel diary but can’t be bothered making entries because you want to experience your trip while you are on it. Check this one out. It’s free.

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