Mawson Lakes: Police arrest two boys with machetes after they allegedly steal car fitted with GPS tracking device

TWO teenage boys were allegedly found with machetes in a stolen car after SA Police tracked their every movement using a GPS system fitted to the vehicle.


Have I ever told you I love these stories? A question for you. Do you have a where’s my phone app installed on your mobile?

Here’s a thought about vehicles. With vehicle tracking devices now being available for less than $100 if  you buy enough of them, why don’t insurance companies give them to you as part of your insurance package? It could be limited to cars over a certain value, but simply  means of shared risk. Whenever a car is reported stolen, it s tracked, governed or disabled, depending on how fast it is going and where, and reported to the police complete with it’s current location. Why not even lock the doors so that the thieves are stuck in the car until the police arrive. Yes I understand there are safety risks to those people who accidentally found themselves driving a car that didn’t belong to them, but you could use the technology that alerts you when you aren’t wearing your seat-belts, to lock the belts from opening as well, that way they can’t hurt themselves, although they could cut themselves out with their machetes.

With so many new cars coming out with GPS based technology, hopefully it will become increasingly more difficult to steal them, although given stories I have heard about sophisticated crooks able to hack the key-less entry systems, particularly of top of the line cars, they are going to need to get smarter.

So the last question is, who has more to lose if your car gets stolen, you or your insurance company. Perhaps it depends on how easy your car (and the things in it) are to replace.

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