Zoologists tap into GPS to track badger movements – Phys.Org

Zoologists from Trinity College Dublin’s School of Natural Sciences are using GPS tracking technology to keep a ‘Big Brother’ eye on badgers in County Wicklow.

Source: phys.org

I guess I’ve seen a badger at a zoo somewhere, obviously they didn’t make a big impressions on me. They can make a big impression on dairy or beef farming because they spread TB. but apparently little is known about exactly how the disease transfers from one species to another. That’s part of the purpose of this exercise which shows another great use of GPS as a technology to understand how things happen in our world. Obviously this study is in Ireland, but our part of the world isn’t immune.

In New Zealand bovine tuberculosis is known to be spread by possums. Same problem. What happens if our beef, dairy and deer were to get TB? Have a think about our economy and the fact that 14 Billion dollars of our exports are from parts of these three animal groups. All it would take is a major reputation scare to send our economy down the drenching chute.

What other problems could we solve or gain better understanding of with the use of GPS and other locational technology?

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