ByHours Now Lets You Book a Hotel Room in London for 3, 6 or 12 hours

If you think the only accommodation you can book by the hour is the sort of end-of-the-line motels you might find littering parts of the US, then ByHours’ decidedly conventional hotel…


A few years ago, some bright spark saved the company $100 on a return trip to Amsterdam where I was an international speaker at a conference on location based services.

My return flight was Lufthansa from Amsterdam via Munich to San Francisco and then via Air NZ back to Auckland. I arrived in San Francisco around 6AM and in order to save the company $100 I had to stay there until around 9PM for my flight home. Whilst I have been to California several times this was my first trip to San Fran and I was excitedly trying to work out what I could fit into a 12 or so hour day.

I arrived and so did my luggage, but it transpired that Air NZ did not have a luggage handling agreement with Lufthansa, so I had to hang on to all my luggage until the Air NZ check in people arrived.

It turned out they didn’t arrive until 2 hours before the flight departure so I had to look after my luggage (which was too much to cart around) for 13 hours.

Because of anti terrorism laws I couldn’t leave my luggage anywhere at the airport, although I was thinking you could put plenty of explosives into the tiny little lockers available for rent.

If I’d had an app that told me about local places where I could get a day room I would have happily put that on my company credit card, grabbed a shower and maybe a nap between sight seeing and returning to catch my flight that evening.

Unfortunately my next longish day stop will be in China, not the USA, but to avoid having a really tiring and annoying trip like my San Francisco experience, you might consider an app like this a great investment.

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Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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