Crave giveaway: Arccos Golf GPS performance-tracking system

The Arccos Golf system includes 14 disc-shaped sensors, plenty to attach to all of your golf clubs. Arccos Golf…


I’m not a golfer so I have a casual interest in this. We appear to be taking baby steps in this industry. 20 years ago there were apps that could use GPS to identify where you were on the world’s top golf courses. They could tell you whee you were in relation to the hole and which club to use.

Surely by now it should be possible to have sensors in the balls themselves that don’t interfere with the flight and travel (perhaps RF) and therefore the ability to track everything. You could then have a virtual coach and a full record of everything you do. I wouldn’t expect it to be cheap, but neither are coaches and caddy’s.

Which club to use? How far did the ball travel? Where is the ball? How far to the T, Heck why not also include IoT access to weather stations around the course that tell you what direction the wind is coming from and us the compass on your smartphone to tell you what direction that is.

Purists might hate that idea, but if it improves your game and makes you a better golfer, what’s the difference between that and millionaires’ yachts that do everything from navigation to sail trimming at the push of a button if you can even be bothered to do that?

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