How This $7000 E-Bike’s GPS Tech Thwarted a Thief – Wired

With the help of some built in theft-deterrent technology Bill Kiriakis was reunited his brand new e-bike just two hours after discovering it was stolen.


My first thought was who buys a $7,000 bike unless they are seriously into cycling as a sport, but then you could ask, who buys a Maserati?

This is obviously a very cool, bike, event the thief said so.

I love the feature that says the bike has been stolen, locks the back wheel, starts lights flashing and even has a light that says ‘THEFT’. The best part is that you can lead Police to the exact location of the bike.

What I like the most is that all of this, including the pairing to the phone, which I assume includes other features, is that it is a standard feature of the bike, not an optional extra, hence the ability to do things like lock one of the wheels. Regular bike thieves will quickly learn to leave bikes of this brand where they are. Those that don’t, and those purchasers who don’t raise an eyebrow when they pay $100 for a sophisticated bike, might find it extremely good value when a night’s accommodation is included……in a Police cell.

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2 Responses to How This $7000 E-Bike’s GPS Tech Thwarted a Thief – Wired

  1. John Norman says:

    I loved the article on the bike Luigi


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