Google shaking up search recommendations on non responsive websites with Mobile-geddon

Google shaking up search recommendations on smartphones – Google is about to change the way its influential search engine recommends web sites on…


This is big and companies who haven’t added the word ‘responsive’ to their web vocabulary could find themselves losing business opportunities very quickly.

In simple terms, if your web site does not effectively make it easy for small devices like Smartphones to access them, you are going to go down in the rankings very quickly for people searching for your business, products and information.

Call it Mobile-geddon or just plain common sense. Many web sites get more than 50% of their traffic from mobile devices today. Why would you not make it easy for users to navigate them. You have had many years to do this.

You probably have a smartphone yourself and you probably get frustrated when you visit a site and you can only see part of the page, you ave to scroll from side to side to read information, having zoomed in to increase the font sizes to try and read information before you give up and go to a competitors site.

In my opinion, Google is doing us a favor in this one. I was surprised to read that Google are only doing this if you use them to search from a mobile. This means that (for now) your rankings will only go down if the person searching is in fact doing so from a mobile. That adds significant complexity because effectively it means containing additional mega-data in it’s tables to support that part of the search for every web site.

I don’t know how long it takes for Google to scrape all websites in the world and whether it looks just at the home page or every page on a web site. What this does mean, dear reader, is that even if you now quickly fix your web site and make it responsive, but Google has already visited your page for search engine rankings, it may take quite some time before they come back.

If you business or reputation is impacted by losing large numbers of visitors, I suggest you talk to your web developers very quickly.

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