10 travel apps to download to your Apple Watch – CNN.com

A handful of wrist-ready apps are already promising to transform the way you navigate the globe.

Source: edition.cnn.com

Does this remind you of Google Glasses? I suspect many of the apps are in fact the ones that lay in waiting for Google Glasses and with that project on ‘hold’ they will be looking to tweak them a little and get a return on what was going to be the next big thing since sliced bread.

So how’s your eyesight? This is a very small screen for some of the detail that is being suggested in these apps. I have a Smartwatch and if I want to look at the start of an email, or a tweet, I need to hold my watch as far as my arm will allow, to be able to read it clearly, depending on the lighting conditions. I love it and am a fan of this technology, don’t think I’m a naysayer, I’m an early adopter, although not at Apple pricing, which I suspect is what stopped many of us from being plain glass wearers. It’s not the only thing, I am not a huge Siri fan except in the car, so walking along talking to my glasses after I’ve tapped them was never going to rate as my favorite user interface.

Anyway, IMHO the Smartwatch is going to be the next big thing. They will range in price from a sophisticated pedometer in the tens of dollars, to the Apple around the $500 mark and then come the specialist, diamond crusted watches. I predict that they will cross the chasm into mass adopter very quickly and we will enjoy some great apps designed for the form factor.

Whether it is just the ability to have a watch face that suits your mood, or you want navigation and contextual real time traffic information at a glance, this is going to be a game changer in the way we live. It’s a little thing, possibly a savior for the watch industry itself (from Casio to Rolex, in fact my Smartwatch has an optional Rolex , but can make so many important things easy to access without getting out your phone or tablet.

Here’s my number one wish, it sounds stupid but I predict within 5 years it will exist. Voice is still the killer app for mobile. I want my watch to also be my phone audio interface. It might start as simply having a microphone and speaker, but the next step should be the ability to put a finger in my ear from the hand wearing the watch and for the audio to be broadcast through my finger to my cochlea. Most people say “I predicted that” but they say it after it happened. Anyone can do that, so I’m telling you now. You will see people with a finger in their ear having a conversation that is easy to hear, even in a noisy environment, using their smart watch.

I also predict that within a couple of years at least 25% of the people I know will be wearing a Smartwatch. Mine just told me its got an 86% charge and that’s it’s time to get to the office. If I forget to grab my phone, it will warn me about that before I get to the front door. Oh and it also tells the time:)

When are you getting yours?

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