Hunt for Kiwis after powerful Nepal earthquake kills more than 1300 – National – NZ Herald News

More than 1300 people across four countries have been killed after a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal causing massive damage in the country’s capital. – New Zealand Herald


New Zealand has had a long relationship with Nepal, ever since Sir Edmund Hillary reached the top of Mt Everest. I remember in my youth having a school presentation when they were collecting money to build schools and hospitals. I remember blowing a Sherpa alpine horn. In later years several friends went to Nepal, some to climb, some to enjoy the alpine tourism.

In previous blogs I have asked about how ready we are for earthquakes and we have learned a lot

It was great to read that Google came to the party straight away with their Person Finder application which was one of the excellent outcomes of the Christchurch earthquakes.There have since been many more location based services (LBS) applications showing the state of roads and infrastructure to help people find their way around. There were applications to tell people where to find essential services like water, toilets, communications, generators, shelter. I’m hoping all of those will be made available as quickly as possible, including showing people how to set them up and use them.

The world came to help New Zealand in our time of need and I hope that we will be sending experts over there, both for Search & Rescue as well as rebuild.

Over this weekend in New Zealand when we remember our brave ANZAC Kiwis who went to the other side of the world to help restore peace in countries we had never heard of, to help people we had never met. On the 100th Anniversary of the ill fated Gallipolli landing, it would be a poignant and fitting end to this commemoration, for us to do whatever we can to help the people of Nepal. I look forward to seeing Kiwis continue our proud tradition of helping people in need, in other parts of the world, especially given we have plenty of experience.

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    We have so much experience now in New Zealand in everything from Search and Rescue to location based web services and apps to help in these circumstances. I hope that our Government will make it easy for those with experience, particularly from the Christchurch earthquakes, to help. We have a unique opportunity to help our Nepalese friends with skills and end experience (as well as obviously money).


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