Delhi govt to put GPS in water tankers for tracking by public

Delhiites will soon be able to track the movement of water tankers, including private ones, on a real-time basis as they would be fitted with GPS, the state government has said.


In a meeting about growing traffic congestion yesterday, I was discussing the fact that in some parts of the USA today, drinking water is frequently no longer that pure stuff that comes from underground aquifers, due to climate change. In fact many countries have this problem as I illustrated from a Washington Post map in a previous blog.

That is just one of the reasons I believe we will see migration around America and long term repositioning of population where people do not want to have to drink, wash and play in recycled waste water, irrespective of whether it meets WHO standards.

With these and other problems around the world, I see more people wanting to migrate to countries like Australia and New Zealand, which could put additional strain on our infrastructure. And just for the record, we do drink river water in many places here too, but I digress.

The Delhi Government have again pushed the barrow of GPS in certain industries. A couple of years ago they said that all rickshaw taxis had to have GPS. Personally I think that’s a good thing in principle, but as I understand it, the majority of rickshaw owners can’t afford the technology as it currently stands.

I don’t know how lucrative the water business is in Delhi, but I love the concept of transparency that safety brings to segments.

Someone challenged me recently saying technology doesn’t solve people problems and he was partly right. Technology is only a tool and in many cases GPS is seen as a cure-all. It isn’t. The frequent cases of criminals who slip off their ‘secure’ GPS anklets and go out and do their thing is a great example. If this system publishes the locations of 1,000 water tankers, and the locations are made easily accessible to the public, and I’m not going to get into demographics, it does remove a barrier.

What I find really interesting is how different parts of our world are. Here we are solving 3rd world problems, i.e. no piped water in a large city, by tracking the vehicles that are delivering this precious liquid.

It sounds like a really good time to be in the GPS and mapping business in India.

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