Waze will now tweet unusual traffic alerts through localized Twitter accounts – The Next Web

Waze is a great tool for checking real-time traffic to and from your destinations, but this information was always limited to users who’ve downloaded the app. Today, Waze wants to…

Source: thenextweb.com

Waze has so much potential, but I never seem to see anything on it that is useful to me. It is either information about incidents that have already been cleared. It sometimes can’t tell the difference between normal congestion at traffic lights at peak times and incidents.

One of the most frustrating things for me is that it is too dangerous to do updates yourself when you are driving, so you are seeing things that are wrong, but can’t correct them.

It’s interesting that Waze is a driver’s app. Maybe it should be promoted as an app for the passenger to manager. I do appreciate there are safety features that require you to confirm you are not driving if you are entering data, but I’m talking about the focus. Maybe market for the driver to watch, but as an app for passenger data entry. Just a thought.

Crowd sourced data is only as good as the number of people prepared to enter data and the ability to enter data at the right place and time. I was on the motorway yesterday and there was half a front guard lying on the road between two lanes and we all had to swerve to avoid it. By the time I was able to work out how to describe the location and then get to my hands free phone to report it, I was way past it. That’s a classic problem for a solution like Waze. I’m not knocking it, I have been a Waze user for many years. I just think we need to fine tune the way they get data and perhaps also the gamification. For example, people on buses would be a great target for data entry as would passengers who are commuting or perhaps car pooling.

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