Sign of the times? Employee fired after removing GPS tracking app from her smartphone

A troubling lawsuit coming out of California alleges that a woman was fired from her job after she uninstalled an app that her employer requested all employees had to download. The troubling aspect…


This story is doing the rounds at the moment because of the pending lawsuit and because of the pending lawsuit  don’t want to get into detail about this specific case.

What I do want to have out in the open is that there are employers monitoring their staff. There are good reasons in many cases and there are situations where there should be more of it. For example field health personnel such as midwives or nurses who visit people in their homes, justice department employees who visit people in their homes, Police and other emergency services.

Applications where people opt in for their personal security, health and safety make a lot of sense, but people should have a choice in this. It is one thing to track a business vehicle, often these come with benefits and responsibility.

However tracking people without their permission when they are off duty is not appropriate. Tracking them without their knowledge also concerns me. In the past I met with high profile businesses who specifically wanted a solution because they did not trust their staff and were prepared to buy workforce automation software, not for tracking business, but to make sure their staff weren’t taking unapproved time off. I had and have a problem with that.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this lawsuit, irrespective of the specific claim. When it is a system that tracks a company vehicle, that’s fine with me. When it tracks a person based on the location of their mobile and they are tracking what that person does in their personal time AND they don’t have the right to refuse it, that denies them of basic rights and as appears to be alleged in this case, creates a risk of abuse of that information.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to Sign of the times? Employee fired after removing GPS tracking app from her smartphone

  1. Claus says:

    Just because you got a GPS on your cell. that dosent make it any safe or better for that person.


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