Catching watch thieves with Shannon Coates Your watch can be your next Buddy Finder!

Shannon Coates is on the Timex Team and she now can add smart detective to her resume. Meet the Florida native who now resides in Portland.


GPS Tracks down the thieves once again, but with a twist. This time it wasn’t ‘find my phone’, but ‘find my watch’. The catch with this is that the watch does have to have its own communication capability. Now please note, some watches rely on a Bluetooth connection to your phone, meaning if they are more than about 10 yards away from your phone this isn’t going to work.

Spend a little more and get a phone that comes with a SIM card and you can now track your watch anyone in the world where there is cellphone connectivity. Also great if you are on a run or a ride, need help but aren’t sure where you are (great if you are touring or going for a run on a beach, track or country road). All you need to do is advise emergency services, or the friend or family member that you share the Internet account details with, like you do with Where’s My Phone. You do don’t you?

This is something that most smartwatch owners wouldn’t be aware of and on that basis most crooks wouldn’t know either. The latter being a good thing, although they might be less inclined to steal the watch in the first place if they knew and the same for receivers of stolen goods.

So lucky Shannon gets her watch and belongings back and we get another great lesson in how GPS protects your valuables and another criminal faces the consequences of their actions.

One of the things I have frequently blogged about is tracking elderly people with dementia or other conditions, locating children who should be home from school, or teenagers who borrowed the car for half an hour to pick something up from a friend or a shop and aren’t back a couple of hours later, or people who are into sport such as running, cycling. The buddy finder concept has just found another great tool.

If you haven’t set up Where’s My Phone yet, you can find a link for iOS, I have it set up for my iPhone and my iPAD (I think it might be standard on the latest models) here and for Android here. Not needed for you? What if there is an emergency like an earthquake, floods or other disasters?

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2 Responses to Catching watch thieves with Shannon Coates Your watch can be your next Buddy Finder!

  1. Always great to find ways to protect our technology and posessions. Thanks Luigi


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