Location Based App Opportunities with Domino’s hiring 3000 as it rolls out GPS tracking

Domino’s Pizza plans to recruit 3000 new delivery staff in Australia and New Zealand over the next six months as it rolls out GPS tracking of its drivers.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.theaustralian.com.au

I had an idea years ago, which I blogged about which basically works on the premise that as long as people pay and both the delivery person and the customer had GPS, items like Pizza could be delivered anywhere, such as on the beach, in a park or domain. Effectively anywhere that the customer happens to be, where it is legal for the delivery person to be (consider mode of transport) and of course safe.

The article doesn’t say how the tracking operates, but the obvious method, as used by Uber, Frog Parking and other peer to peer type systems is mobile phone with an application that knows where both parties are. A system installed in a vehicle doesn’t make much sense where some of the time the delivery person is not in or on a vehicle. A smartphone app is all you need.

The app itself can also provide means of payment and the ability to monitor the delivery performance of the driver (did the pizza get cold because of the time of the route chosen, did they take the fastest route as provided by the app (which considered the mode of transport), did the customer stay on one sport, or move around at the last minute, making the delivery person have to hunt for them?

Note also, these systems aren’t perfect yet. After a little over 3 weeks travel, my Where’s My Car Pro app didn’t like being turned on inside the airport building and took about quarter of an hour to properly orient itself and allow me to find my car, which I had parked in a hurry, knowing the app would find it for me on my return.

I’m hoping the app for Domino’s was specified by a location based services specialist so that the many things that can happen in the course of ordering and successful delivery are taken into consideration. I see many examples of the wrong people being involved in the development of an app which has so much impact on customer satisfaction and brand. Uber and Frog Parking can both attribute their successes to a large degree to the quality of the apps.

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