Why Good GPS Solutions Fail: Judge to decide GPS tracking request for Zimmerman shooting suspect – WFTV Orlando

Channel 9 will be in court Friday when a Seminole County judge decides whether the man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman while driving in Lake Mary earlier this month will have to wear a GPS monitor.

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One of the weaknesses of GPS tracking people such as parolees or those on home detention is that often those entrusted with this work are under resourced and proximity or tamper alarms are not  noted.

In this case the alert goes to the person who is trying to remain a safe distance away from a person who presents a threat to them. They have a far greater motivation, i.e. their personal safety, to be aware when someone who is a risk to them is close by. This therefore has a higher likelihood of success, assuming there is also additional support including:

-A panic button that allows them to call for help, dispatching a message to authorities identifying who they are, what the circumstances are and where they are, with the ability to communicate through the device. Of course this again relies on emergency services having the resources to receive and respond in a timely fashion.

-The ability to record a history of the location of both the victim and the person they are being protected from.

-Sufficient battery power to ensure it is fully charged when needed and that alerts are sent to the appropriate people when the devices need recharging, because the ‘offender’ is not necessarily motivated to take responsibility to keep the device charged. Note there are not a lot of portable devices with the capacity to hold a charge for more than a couple of days.

-Tamper-proof systems. We still hear stories almost daily of people who have removed their anklets, made it appear that they are working normally, when the offender is not wearing them as required, or have disabled them.

It seems to me that one of the biggest problems in this area as in common in many new technologies, is that there is insufficient collaboration amongst the users of these types of technologies, thus lessons learned are not shared and the same problems repeat themselves across the globe while many vendors are looking for a quick buck, and not pushing or in some cases even aware of extenuating circumstances. Purchasing and installing the hardware and software is the easiest part. Now what.

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