N.Y. State Senator Proposes Using GPS Implants To Track Violent Convicts – CBS Local

It’s high-tech and certainly controversial, but with the two prisoners from the Clinton Correctional Facility still on the lam an upstate senator says one way to track future escapees is to microchip them.

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If you have followed my blogs you will be getting an understanding that GPS tracking is not easy. You will find many stories about the needs and difficulties in tracking people with dementia, those who become disorientated due to diabetes or other conditions. You can find many stories here https://solomoconsulting.wordpress.com/?s=tracking+people

If only it was so easy. But then perhaps just as well that is isn’t. I don’t think many of us would want to live in the Brave New World where all humans were micro-chipped.

Consider what happens when you use your TomTom or your favorite mapping app on your mobile phone. The battery will be flat in a few hours unless it is plugged in to a power supply.

Very smart GPS tracking collars used for pets depending on whether they use always-on technology or smarter tech that activates when the animal is moving can extend battery life by up to 9 times.

Effectively a GPS subnormal implant for humans would need to be charged externally at least every few days if it is very expensive technology. There are probably significant health risks in doing this and from a correctional facility perspective, what are you going to do, chip all patients that are a flight risk and then have them line up for a daily battery charge while they have their breakfasts? On top of that they could pretty easily shield an implant during the time it took for the battery to drain.

The only technologies that currently work are RFID chips, which are like a mini radio station. External chips can have a range o up to a mile in open ground without interference. As you can read in my other blogs above, finding people entails Search and Rescue people walking around with directional yagi aerials. If they are out of range or not pointing in the right direction, they won’t work.

The most common chipping method is the one we know of for tracking pets. These work because they are passive systems activated at extremely close range by a chip reader. The reader almost has to touch the skin were the chip has been implanted.

There is a real human need in the health industry for a technology that solves these problems as per my previous blogs and for the successful company this would be a goldmine. If it was easy to crack they would have done it.

In the meantime GPS anklets that are charged daily are the only viable option and a good option (with its own limitations). Given the number of Police involved in tracking dangerous offenders, it may be cost effective, if not intrusive to use anklet type technology and whilst it might only be useful for the first couple of days of a search, that might be enough to recover a high percentage of criminals, because even if it is eventually tampered with or removed, it can provide breadcrumb tracking up to that point.

I understand the frustrations, but whilst our technologies are amazing and we can track migratory birds and foxes, we can’t yet easily track people who do not want to be found with GPS tracking technology.

Those who are afraid of a Huxley or Philip K Dick world where each person can be instantly located against their will, is a long way off yet.

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