Android Auto: the ultimate guide to Google navigation in the car

We test drive Google Maps in the car with an Android

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I guess it’s better than the Volkswagen Golf that came with a socket for your iPhone 4. The story says with all you have to do is own an Android Smartphone running Lollipop 5.0 and I’m already starting to go off buying a new car from Audi, GM, Chevrolet (unless it’s a Corvette), Honda, Hyundai, Ford and a whole pile of other great brands; and plug a cable into the in-car USB port.

Plug in a cable? Are you serious? So I have to switch from iOS to Android permanently AND have the Smartphone physically tethered to the dash?

My mobile has Cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth comms. It communicates wirelessly to everything from my beanie, shower speaker, smartwatch, TomTom and a host of other devices. The only time it gets plugged in is to charge it or to back it up and update the firmware.

I hope the aftermarket solutions include a default wireless option.  Oh and like the Volkswagen, what happens when Android Lollipop 5.0 is obsolete like my iPhone 4? Do I have to upgrade the software on my OEM or aftermarket Android Auto? I almost missed my flight home from Amsterdam this month because Volvo hadn’t been able to provide a map update disk that included the changes to the streets around Schiphol airport and I am still running 4 year old maps in my NZ Siemens VDO navigation system. What happens in 10 years time if Android doesn’t even exist any more?

The first commercial Android phone was only launched in 2008 and it can’t be upgraded to the latest versions of software, just as I’ve been advised by Apple that I should not attempt to upgrade my 3 year-old iPhone 4 to the latest OS.

This might be a very good move for people who get a new company car and a new company phone every 2-3 years. It is also a very good move to encourage people to keep buying recent model used cars because people won’t want to buy cars with old school navigation and communications systems that aren’t compatible with the latest technology.

Possibly a smart move for car manufacturers, but is it a smart move for the consumer? Anyone out there with the Volkswagen iPhone 4 socket? How’s it working with your iPhone 6?

Seriously, if someone could feed back to my blog I’m keen to know.

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