ETSI – CEN and ETSI deliver first set of standards for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)

Joint news release from ETSI and CEN, CEN and ETSI deliver first set of standards for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)

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I don’t know how close the European cooperatives and the rest of the world, i.e. Asia Pacific and North America are aligned to this, but the signal is great news that after the original call in 2008, we are now looking towards agreed standards between motor vehicle manufacturers and OEM suppliers.

It looks like we are on the right track with manufacturers looking to common communications instead of leading marques having sophisticated systems that only talk to other vehicles of the same brand. However even the jargon is still different. Shouldn’t we all be talking about car 2 car, or all talking about V2V? Are they the same thing? Does everyone understand the same thing? Surely the whole planet should be talking the same acronyms and the concepts should be the same, transcending brands, languages and continents?

It is great to know that a test route will be operating from Rotterdam to Vienna and we will watch with interest how this develops.

The big shift I’m looking for is rather than every car (and trucks which have different focuses) brand seeing an opportunity to get people to buy their brand because it has unique V2V and other ITS features, the entire group of motor industry,  insurance and Governments can encourage people to invest in new smarter cars.

Phasing out the majority of old cars will provide economic growth and improve safety of all road users. Of course there also need to be aftermarket solutions, because to turn over even half the stock of new vehicles in the developed world will take around 15 years. We can’t wait that long if we want to reduce crashes and save lives more quickly than that.

All in all, great albeit slow progress.

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