Legacy Way tunnel opening an integral part of solving Brisbane traffic congestion, says Lord Mayor

LEGACY Way’s $1.5 billion price tag will be justified or crucified on whether it can ease the peak hour crush for Brisbane thoroughfares such as Milton Rd, when it is put to the test for the first time this morning.

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Hasn’t this been a long time coming! Awesome to see it finally opening. It will be interesting to see the element of user pay coming in, which is now a common way of making things happen, using public private partnerships or PPP.

I’ve seen a number of initiatives where customer’s have definitely needed a service and used it in droves when it is free, but quickly lose support when they have to pay. I guess it will come down to how important people’s time is. It is obvious for business, traffic congestion has an immediate impact on the bottom line, especially as more and more retail, manufacturing and service businesses focus on Just In Time. Everyone from retailers to factories keep costs down and efficiency up by having high stock turn. That means when stocks are too low and then don’t arrive in time, their business hits failures which can become critical in no time flat. Those are the types of businesses which will gain real value from infrastructure like Legacy Way.

For the consumer, there needs to be a fine balance between user pays (especially when there are other options) or everyone pays. One way or another you pay anyway because if retailers and manufacturers are forced to hold more inventory, prices go up. If the user doesn’t pay as in tolls, 3rd parties won’t invest and give you the infrastructure when you need it, or your rates and taxes go up.

Your other option is to go and live in the country. Chances are if you read my blogs you live in an urban environment. What would you prefer, remembering that ultimately we pay for everything, either in an improved lifestyle or a less pleasant lifestyle, but we still pay. Ultimately in order for these initiatives to work, the infrastructure needs to be used.

We still seem to have a lot of people thinking it’s us and the system. It’s not. We are the system. We have the power to own and improve our destiny and we have the power to lower the quality of our lifestyle. We have the power to optimize our networks by the travel decisions we make and the information systems we use to base those decisions on.

I’ve been seeing a lot of research lately about what customers want from their transport networks and one of them is to understand what the options are that are available to us and what they cost us each individually. I know that it costs me a lot more to drive when I have to stop and start frequently than if I can drive consistently, even if it isn’t as fast as I would like. I was taught that when I first learned to drive and the principle hasn’t changed, The thing is that it is IMHO up to us to understand what that means to each of us. Those that don’t like the toll, should do a study themselves. Fill up the tank at the beginning of the week, pay the tolls and fill up at the end of the week. The next week, don’t take the tunnel and therefore don’t pay the toll and see what the cost difference was. Oh and don’t forget what the time factors are. A few minutes don’t necessarily sound like much, but 4 minutes saving a day times an average of 222 days a year worked adds up to a fair bit. Do the math. What’s your time worth?

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