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It’s very clear by the way this advertisement has been put together, that their target market is NOT keeping your children safe, or people who have health conditions that put them at risk, such that you might need to locate them. For example someone who could go into a diabetic coma.

The tagline is “They will NEVER know!”

As far as I know this is highly illegal in most countries without the knowledge of both parties, certainly for citizens to track each other. There has been a market for this type of technology for years and for people at risk, this is a real worry, for example marital disputes, situations where people are at risk from someone who means them harm and even from unscrupulous employers.

If people are being tracked for their own safety, which I fully endorse, such as emergency services, health or security people who visit clients in their own homes, people who work in hazardous situations, people on call or at risk children are good examples. But not only should those people have this technology, they should know they have it and have functions such as a panic button.

It’s disturbing to me that given the illegality and inherent risk of abuse of this technology without approval of both parties, advertisements like this are allowed to be shown.

If anyone can buy this software or software like it, what can you do to protect yourself? Have a strong password on your mobile and don’t let anyone else know what it is. So often I see something as simple as someone having a stranger enter their phone number on their mobile, ‘to make it easier for them than doing it themselves’.

Maybe it’s that hot guy or girl you recently met, but don’t know from a bar of soap. What if they turned out to be a stalker? You have just given them your mobile and depending on your security settings, you’ve given them time to install their software and chances are it doesn’t have an icon (or it looks benign) so you wouldn’t even see it to wonder what it was.

In today’s world where every mobile phone has a GPS device, there are risks. As I said, this advertisement was clearly not targeted at someone with a legitimate reason for installing the software, in fact quite the opposite. That means people are buying the software for nefarious purposes and this is another thing you need to be weary of.

I note the advertisement also shows they sell keyloggers and other technology. The same rules apply on your PC. Do you pay bills from your credit card or banking software? This technology is a simple way for a stranger to be able to access all of your credit card details, so they can start spending your money.They don’t need to borrow or see your credit card if you use it online. They just need to copy what you are entering when you are buying something or paying a bill.

Want that stranger’s phone number? Enter it into your phone yourself.

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